Лазерлік тазалау машинасын қолдану


Жұмыс принципілазерлік тазалағыш машина, лазерлік тазалағыш машинажабдық - бұл тот пен майды кетіруге арналған лазерлік жабдықтардың жаңа түрі. Бұл жабдық сонымен қатар нөлдік контактылы тазарту әдісі болып табылады. Theлазерлік тазартуprocess depends on the light generated by the fiber laser. The characteristics of the pulse are based on a photophysical reaction formed by the interaction between a high-intensity beam, a short-pulse laser, and the pollution layer. Traditional industrial cleaning methods mainly include high-pressure water, chemical reagents, ultrasonics, and mechanical polishing. However,se cleaning methods have problems such as damage to the substrate, poor working environment, pollution, incomplete cleaning of some locations, and high cleaning costs. With the intensification of environmental pollution, scholars from all over the world are actively developing new energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and efficient cleaning technologies. Becauseлазерлік тазартуtechnology has multiple advantages such as low damage to the matrix material, high cleaning accuracy, zero emission and no pollution, it is gradually being valued and favored by academia and industry.

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